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How Many States Are There in The United States

The United States of America is made up of 50 states. 48 of the states are contiguous. Hawaii and Alaska are not attached to the rest of the states.

Note that the US capital city, Washington, D.C., is not a state, nor does it reside within any of the fifty states. It is a district all on its own, located in the east and bordered by Maryland and Virginia. It should not be confused with the north-western state of Washington, home to the city of Seattle.

U.S. States Map

List of U.S. states

List of the United States alphabetical order
Name Population (2011) Capital
Alabama (AL) 4,802,740 Montgomery
Alaska (AK) 722,718 Juneau
Arizona (AZ) 6,482,505 Phoenix
Arkansas (AR) 2,937,979 Little Rock
California (CA) 37,691,912 Sacramento
Colorado (CO) 5,116,796 Denver
Connecticut (CT) 3,580,709 Hartford
Delaware (DE) 907,135 Dover
Florida (FL) 19,057,542 Tallahassee
Georgia (GA) 9,815,210 Atlanta
Hawaii (HI) 1,374,810 Honolulu
Idaho (ID) 1,584,985 Boise
Illinois (IL) 12,869,257 Springfield
Indiana (IN) 6,516,922 Indianapolis
Iowa (IA) 3,062,309 Des Moines
Kansas (KS) 2,871,238 Topeka
Kentucky (KY) 4,369,356 Frankfort
Louisiana (LA) 4,574,836 Baton Rouge
Maine (ME) 1,328,188 Augusta
Maryland (MD) 5,828,289 Annapolis
Massachusetts (MA) 6,587,536 Boston
Michigan (MI) 9,876,187 Lansing
Minnesota (MN) 5,344,861 Saint Paul
Mississippi (MS) 2,978,512 Jackson
Missouri (MO) 6,010,688 Jefferson City
Montana (MT) 998,199 Helena
Nebraska (NE) 1,842,641 Lincoln
Nevada (NV) 2,723,322 Carson City
New Hampshire (NH) 1,318,194 Concord
New Jersey (NJ) 8,821,155 Trenton
New Mexico (NM) 2,082,224 Santa Fe
New York (NY) 19,465,197 Albany
North Carolina (NC) 9,656,401 Raleigh
North Dakota (ND) 683,932 Bismarck
Ohio (OH) 11,544,951 Columbus
Oklahoma (OK) 3,791,508 Oklahoma City
Oregon (OR) 3,871,859 Salem
Pennsylvania (PA) 12,742,886 Harrisburg
Rhode Island (RI) 1,051,302 Providence
South Carolina (SC) 4,679,230 Columbia
South Dakota (SD) 824,082 Pierre
Tennessee (TN) 6,403,353 Nashville
Texas (TX) 25,674,681 Austin
Utah (UT) 2,817,222 Salt Lake City
Vermont (VT) 626,431 Montpelier
Virginia (VA) 8,096,604 Richmond
Washington (WA) 6,830,038 Olympia
West Virginia (WV) 1,855,364 Charleston
Wisconsin (WI) 5,711,767 Madison
Wyoming (WY) 568,158 Cheyenne

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