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How Many Countries Are in the Europe

Europe is the 6th largest continent in the world and presently has 50 countries on it. Russia is the largest country in the world and extends across the whole of Northern Asia and about 40% of Europe, whereas the Vatican city is the smallest in Europe. The population of Europe makes about 11% of the world’s total population. Now, lets test how many countries in Europe continent and in the European Union can you remember.

How Many Countries in Europe Continent
Europe is made of 45 countries excluding those shared with the Asian continent and their names are

Eastern Europe

Capital City – Largest City
Belarus 9,500,000 Minsk
Bulgaria 7,500,000 Sofia
Czech Republic 10,500,000 Prague
Hungary 10,000,000 Budapest
Moldova 4,100,000 Chisinau
Poland 38,200,000 Warsaw
Romania 21,500,000 Bucharest
Russian Federation 141,900,000 Moscow
Slovakia 5,400,000 Bratislava
Ukraine 46,000,000 Kiev

Northern Europe

Country Population Capital City – Largest City
Denmark 5,500,000 Copenhagen
Estonia 1,300,000 Tallinn
Faroe Islands (Denmark) 43 000 Tórshavn
Finland 5,400,000 Helsinki
Greenland (Denmark) 56 854 Nuuk (Godthab, Godthåb)
Iceland 300,000 Reykjavik
Ireland 4,500,000 Dublin (City)
Latvia 2,200,000 Riga
Lithuania 3,300,000 Vilnius
Northern Ireland (UK) 1 690 000 Belfast
Norway 4,900,000 Oslo
Scotland (UK) 5 200,000 Edinburgh – Glasgow
Sweden 9,400,000 Stockholm
United Kingdom 62,200,000 London
Wales (UK) 2 750 000 Cardiff

Southern Europe

Albania 3,200,000 Tirana
Andorra 100,000 Andorra la Vella
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,800,000 Sarajevo
Croatia (Hrvatska) 4,400,000 Zagreb
Cyprus 1,100,000 Nicosia (Lefkosia)
Gibraltar (UK) 25 000 Gibraltar
Greece 11,300,000 Athens
Holy See (Vatican City State) 1 000 Vatican City
Italy 60,500,000 Rome – Milan (Metro)
Macedonia, Rep. of 2,100,000 Skopje
Malta 400,000 Valletta
Montenegro 600,000 Podgorica
Portugal 10,700,000 Lisbon
San Marino 30,000 San Marino
Serbia 7,300,000 Belgrade
Slovenia 2,100,000 Ljubljana
Spain 47,100,000 Madrid
Turkey 73,600,000 Ankara – Istanbul

Western Europe

Country Population Capital City – Largest City
Austria 8,400,000 Vienna (Wien)
Belgium 10,800,000 Brussels
France 63,000,000 Paris
Germany 81,600,000 Berlin
Liechtenstein 40,000 Vaduz
Luxembourg 500,000 Luxembourg
Monaco 40,000 Monaco
Netherlands 16,600,000 Amsterdam
Switzerland 7,800,000 Bern – Zürich

Countries like Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Georgia are Transcontinental countries as they belong to both Asia as well as Europe.

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