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How Many Planets Are There in the Solar System

Until just a few years ago, there were 9 planets in the Solar System. However, the International Astronomical Union decided that Pluto is no longer a planet, so there are now only 8 planets in the Solar System.

As Pluto do not meet the new definitions and criteria of Planets it is no longer a planet now.

There are eight major planets. in our solar system.

Since the recent re-definition of 'planet', Pluto is a dwarf planet (along with others in that classification).

There are 8 planets in the solar system:

The 5 dwarf planets:
1.Ceres (an asteroid)
3.Haumea (Kuiper Belt Object)
4.Makemake (Kuiper Belt Object)
5.Eris (Kuiper Belt Object)

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  • gopal gangwar

    Realy this is ultimate knowledge

  • Dileep V. Sathe

    I think this question can not be answered affirmatively because for finding the expression of orbital velocity of a planet we simploy equate the gravitational force, GMm / r^2 with the centripetal force, mv^2 / r. But we do not put any condition either on mass or distance. So any planet, moving on an elliptical path as required by Kepler, can have any mass any distance – we just have to equate the gravitational force with the centripetal force and get the expression of orbital velocity.

    Still then, this is a good question because it has direction logical connection with the new definition planet, adopted by the IAU in 2006, and my objection to it – IAU46, NL 66, 28 March 2007. For easy debate, write me directly on


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