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How Many Lakes Are in Tennessee

There are 1393 lakes in Tennessee.

List of lakes in Tennessee

  1. Butcher Lake (Clinton area)
  2. Clinton Reservoir (Lake City area)
  3. Norris Lake (Norris area)
  4. Bedford Lake (Wartrace area)
  5. Bomar Lake (Normandy area)
  6. Caperton Lake (Deason area)
  7. Catfish Lake (Shelbyville area)
  8. Center Lake (Shelbyville area)
  9. Cortner Lake (Normandy area)
  10. Davis Lake (Shelbyville area)
  11. Elaine Lake (Lynchburg West area)
  12. Gaither Pond (Shelbyville area)
  13. Hix Pond (Shelbyville area)
  14. Isom Pond (Normandy area)
  15. Joe Tillet Lake (Shelbyville area)
  16. Kingree Lake (Shelbyville area)
  17. Morgan Lake (Wartrace area)
  18. Poplar Lake (Shelbyville area)
  19. Spring Lake (Shelbyville area)
  20. Swings Lake (Deason area)
  21. Blackburn Lake (Camden area)
  22. Blue Pond (historical) (McKinnon area)
  23. Butterworth Lake (Camden area)
  24. C H Sullins Lake (Bruceton area)
  25. Cedar Lake Number One (Bruceton area)
  26. Cedar Lake Number Two (Bruceton area)
  27. Clark Lake (historical) (Johnsonville area)
  28. Clear Lake (historical) (Camden area)
  29. Cole Lake (Bruceton area)
  30. Crane Pond (historical) (Camden area)
  31. Crane Pond (historical) (Harmon Creek area)
  32. Crossnoe Lake (Big Sandy area)
  33. Cypress Pond (historical) (McKinnon area)
  34. Dyer Lake (Poplar Creek area)
  35. Farmer Pond (Paris Landing area)
  36. Gin Pond (historical) (McKinnon area)
  37. Hardy Sand Company Lake (Bruceton area)
  38. Harold Pond (historical) (Harmon Creek area)
  39. Lester Jackson Lake (Seventeen Creek area)
  40. Maple Pond (historical) (McKinnon area)
  41. Melton Pond (Johnsonville area)
  42. Robertson Lake (Paris Landing area)
  43. Rocky Pond (historical) (McKinnon area)
  44. Abc Lake (Pikeville area)
  45. Beecher Smith Lake (Billingsley Gap area)
  46. Brushy Pond (Mount Airy area)
  47. Burns Lake (Pikeville area)
  48. Hugh Clayborne Lake (Billingsley Gap area)
  49. J C Gant Lake (Billingsley Gap area)
  50. Meadow Creek Lake (Brockdell area)
  51. Pine Lake (Sampson area)
  52. Richard Carmack Lake (Melvine area)
  53. Swafford Pond (Pikeville area)
  54. Tollett Lake (Melvine area)
  55. Twin Lakes Number One Lake (Billingsley Gap area)
  56. Twin Lakes Number Three Lake (Pikeville area)
  57. Twin Lakes Number Two Lake (Billingsley Gap area)
  58. Vannoort Lake (Brayton area)
  59. Armstrong Pond (Vonore area)
  60. Byerley Lake (historical) (Louisville area)
  61. Calderwood Lake (Tapoco area)
  62. Cove Lake (Tallassee area)
  63. Hitch Pond (Louisville area)
  64. Howard Pond (Vonore area)
  65. Kagley Lake (Binfield area)
  66. Lake in the Sky (Blockhouse area)
  67. Lambert Lake (Blockhouse area)
  68. Lanier Lake (Blockhouse area)
  69. Laurel Lake (Kinzel Springs area)
  70. Sandy Stand Lake (Blockhouse area)
  71. Anstis Lake (East Cleveland area)
  72. Bethea Pond (McDonald area)
  73. C C Blankenship Lake (Benton area)
  74. Davis Lake (McDonald area)
  75. Fillauer Lake (East Cleveland area)
  76. Green Shadow Lake (Felker area)
  77. Hidden Valley Lake (McDonald area)
  78. Hoskins Lake (Benton area)
  79. Hughes Lake (Beaverdale area)
  80. Hunt Lake (Felker area)
  81. Jersey Meadow Lake (Felker area)
  82. Johnston Ponds (McDonald area)
  83. Kile Lake (Felker area)
  84. Simpson Pond (Charleston area)
  85. Stone Lake (South Cleveland area)
  86. Wildwood Lake (Felker area)
  87. Cove Lake (Jacksboro area)
  88. Doakes Pond (Well Spring area)
  89. Eagle Bluff Lake (Jacksboro area)
  90. Eblen-Powell Number One Reservoir (Ivydell area)
  91. Eblen-Powell Number Two Reservoir (Jacksboro area)
  92. La Follette Reservoir (Ivydell area)
  93. La Follette Reservoir (Jacksboro area)
  94. Henegar Lake (Short Mountain area)
  95. Lake Ann (Hollow Springs area)
  96. Lake Anne (Hollow Springs area)
  97. Beech Lake (McLemoresville area)
  98. Carroll Lake (Huntingdon area)
  99. Clear Lake (Henry area)
  100. Cotton Creek Hunting Club Lake (Seventeen Creek area)
  101. Donald Halters Lake (Clarksburg area)
  102. Ernest Vickers Lake (Palmer Shelter area)
  103. Hoopers Lake (Cedar Grove area)
  104. Huntingdon Sewage Lagoon Lake (Huntingdon area)
  105. Indian Creek Lake Number 87-1 (Cedar Grove area)
  106. Lake Isabel (Huntingdon area)
  107. Lake Site Number 86-2 (Spring Creek area)
  108. Luckey Lake (Atwood area)
  109. Maple Creek Lake (Yuma area)
  110. Moss Creek Lake (Cedar Grove area)
  111. OFDBA 87-3 Lake (Cedar Grove area)
  112. Presely Lake (Trezevant East area)
  113. Presley Lake (Trezevant East area)
  114. Robert Haney Lake (McLemoresville area)
  115. Rosser Pond (Vale area)
  116. Shoof Lake (Trezevant East area)
  117. Sunshine Lake (Buena Vista area)
  118. Twin Lakes (McLemoresville area)
  119. Boyd Spring Pond (historical) (Carter area)
  120. Hall Lake (Iron Mountain Gap area)
  121. Miller Lake (Iron Mountain Gap area)
  122. Moffett Pond (historical) (Johnson City area)
  123. Odom Trout Lake (White Rocks Mountain area)
  124. Ripshin Lake (Iron Mountain Gap area)
  125. Watauga Lake (Watauga Dam area)
  126. Wilbur Lake (Elizabethton area)
  127. Cheatham Lake (Cheatham Dam area)
  128. Craig Lake (Kingston Springs area)
  129. Price Lake (Kingston Springs area)
  130. Deanburg Hills Lake (Medon area)
  131. Jones Creek Lake (Luray area)
  132. King Lake (Medon area)
  133. Lake Placid (Medon area)
  134. Morris Lake (Jacks Creek area)
  135. Robert Williams Lake (Luray area)
  136. Scott Lake (Medon area)
  137. Smith Pond (Masseyville area)
  138. Spring Creek Lake (Enville area)
  139. Thomas Lake (Masseyville area)
  140. Arthur Lake (Middlesboro South area)
  141. Consolidation Coal Water Supply Lake (Fork Ridge area)
  142. Fern Lake (Middlesboro South area)
  143. Greer Lake (Tazewell area)
  144. Miracle Pond (Clouds area)
  145. Spruce Lick Slurry Refuse Impound (Fork Ridge area)
  146. Templin Pond (Middlesboro South area)
  147. Water Tank (Middlesboro South area)
  148. Dale Hollow Lake (Dale Hollow Dam area)
  149. Line Creek Lake Number Three B (Union Hill area)
  150. Allen Branch Fish Pond (Paint Rock area)
  151. Crawley Pond (Newport area)
  152. Scott Pond (Neddy Mountain area)
  153. AEDC Retention Reservoir (Manchester area)
  154. AEDC Water Tank (Manchester area)
  155. Cow Pond (Manchester area)
  156. Crit May Pond (Tullahoma area)
  157. Dick Pond (Morrison area)
  158. Farris Pond (Alto area)
  159. Floyd Pond (Noah area)
  160. George Dickel Lake (Normandy Lake area)
  161. Goose Pond (Fredonia area)
  162. Goose Pond (Manchester area)
  163. Grassy Pond (Morrison area)
  164. Green Lake (Fredonia area)
  165. Highland Pond (Hollow Springs area)
  166. Ivy Lake (Hollow Springs area)
  167. Lake Tullahoma (Normandy Lake area)
  168. Lake Womack (Fredonia area)
  169. Liberty Lake (Hollow Springs area)
  170. Morton Lake (Manchester area)
  171. Normandy Lake (Normandy Lake area)
  172. Ovoca Lake (Normandy Lake area)
  173. Rigney Lake (Fredonia area)
  174. Round Pond (Hollow Springs area)
  175. Secondary Retention Reservoir (Capitol Hill area)
  176. Shay Lake (Fredonia area)
  177. Thacker Pond (Alto area)
  178. Toliver Lake (Manchester area)
  179. Bells Aerated Lagoon Number One Lake (Bells area)
  180. Bells Aerated Lagoon Number Two Lake (Bells area)
  181. Bells Aerobic Lagoon Number One Lake (Bells area)
  182. Bells Aerobic Lagoon Number Two Lake (Bells area)
  183. Humboldt Lake (Humboldt area)
  184. Joe Cottons Lake (Maury City area)
  185. Lewis Lake (Bells area)
  186. Adams Creek Lake (Isoline area)
  187. Brown Creek Lake (Dorton area)
  188. Byrd Creek Lake (Crossville area)
  189. Byrd Creek Reservoir (Crossville area)
  190. Byrd Lake (Dorton area)
  191. Canterbury Lake (Dorton area)
  192. Catherine Lake (Fox Creek area)
  193. Claude Reed Lake (Bacon Gap area)
  194. Cumberland Mountain Lake (Crossville area)
  195. Cumberland Mountain Retreat Lake (Herbert Domain area)
  196. Cumberland Mountain Retreat Lake Number One (Herbert Domain area)
  197. Cumberland Mountain Retreat Lake Number Three (Herbert Domain area)
  198. Dogwood Lakes (Herbert Domain area)
  199. Dorton Lake (Crossville area)
  200. Downing Creek Reservoir (Isoline area)
  201. Fox Creek Lake (Dorton area)
  202. Fox Creek Lake (Fox Creek area)
  203. Frances Lake (Fox Creek area)
  204. Frank Lake (Isoline area)
  205. Geronimo Lake (Crossville area)
  206. Glastowbury Lake (Ozone area)
  207. Good Neighbor Lake (Fox Creek area)
  208. Gross Lake (Herbert Domain area)
  209. Gum Pond (Herbert Domain area)
  210. Hale Lake (Dorton area)
  211. Hiawawtha Lake (Crossville area)
  212. Hill Lake Number One (Isoline area)
  213. Hood Lake (Campbell Junction area)
  214. Indian Rock Lake (Herbert Domain area)
  215. J P Wyatt Lake (Herbert Domain area)
  216. Jimmy Baisley Lake (Bearden area)
  217. Kirkstone Lake (Dorton area)
  218. Lake Alice (Pleasant Hill area)
  219. Lake Holiday (Crossville area)
  220. Lake Malvern (Ozone area)
  221. Lake Pomeroy (Ozone area)
  222. Lake Sherwood (Dorton area)
  223. Lake Tansi (Vandever area)
  224. Lake Waldensia (Ozone area)
  225. Larry Turner Lake (Dorton area)
  226. Linger Lake (Fox Creek area)
  227. Mayland Lake (Campbell Junction area)
  228. Meadow Park Lake (Crossville area)
  229. Melvin Smith Lake (Vandever area)
  230. Mohawk Lake (Crossville area)
  231. Oldfield Branch Lake (Herbert Domain area)
  232. Ozone Lake (Ozone area)
  233. Ryan Lake (Fox Creek area)
  234. Saint George Lake (Dorton area)
  235. Shady Lake (Crossville area)
  236. Spring Lake (Dorton area)
  237. Spring Lake (Herbert Domain area)
  238. State of Tennessee Reservoir (Herbert Domain area)
  239. Stillhouse Creek Lake (Crossville area)
  240. Tankersley Lake (Isoline area)
  241. Tranquilechee Lake (Grassy Cove area)
  242. Twin Lake (Herbert Domain area)
  243. Upland Lake (Pleasant Hill area)
  244. Wildwood Lake (Dorton area)
  245. Apple Lake (Antioch area)
  246. Bush Lake (Nashville West area)
  247. Cantrells Lake (Nashville West area)
  248. Cedar Hill Lake (Goodlettsville area)
  249. Cheek Lake (Nashville East area)
  250. Coleman Lake (Goodlettsville area)
  251. Collins Lake (Scottsboro area)
  252. Collins Lake Number One (Scottsboro area)
  253. Collins Lake Number Three (Scottsboro area)
  254. Collins Lake Number Two (Scottsboro area)
  255. Crocker Springs Lake (Whites Creek area)
  256. Duncan Lake (historical) (Hermitage area)
  257. Glen Echo Lake (Forest Grove area)
  258. J Percy Priest Reservoir (Hermitage area)
  259. Lake Chippewa (Bellevue area)
  260. Lake Enoree (Bellevue area)
  261. Lake Louise (Forest Grove area)
  262. Lake Ogallala (Bellevue area)
  263. Lakewood Lake (Whites Creek area)
  264. Lesters Lake (Antioch area)
  265. Marrowbone Lake (Forest Grove area)
  266. Meadowbrook Lake (Nashville East area)
  267. Old Hickory Lake (Goodlettsville area)
  268. Pals Lake (Forest Grove area)
  269. Radnor Lake (Oak Hill area)
  270. Randolph Lake (Martin area)
  271. Resha Lake (Antioch area)
  272. Setters Lake (Forest Grove area)
  273. Shangri-La Lake (Bellevue area)
  274. Shelbys Pond (historical) (Nashville West area)
  275. Sportsmans Lake (Whites Creek area)
  276. Two Rivers Lake (Nashville East area)
  277. Bowman Pond (Jeannette area)
  278. Catfish Haven Reservoir (Holladay area)
  279. Deer Pond (Daniels Landing area)
  280. Festus Jackson Lake (Scotts Hill area)
  281. Horseshoe Pond (historical) (Perryville area)
  282. Keeton Pond (Bath Springs area)
  283. Lewis Lacy Lake Number Two (Scotts Hill area)
  284. Open Pond (Bath Springs area)
  285. Refish Number One Lake (Parsons area)
  286. Refish Number Two Lake (Parsons area)
  287. Round Pond (historical) (Perryville area)
  288. Shelby Pond (historical) (Thurman area)
  289. Center Hill Lake (Center Hill Dam area)
  290. Colverts Lake (Smithville area)
  291. Evins Mill Pond (Smithville area)
  292. Acorn Lake (Burns area)
  293. Craig Lake Number Two (Burns area)
  294. Creech Hollow Lake (Burns area)
  295. Dickson Lake (Dickson area)
  296. Hava Lakatu Lake Number One (Harpeth Valley area)
  297. Hava-Lakatu Lakes (Harpeth Valley area)
  298. Indian Pond (Dickson area)
  299. John Duke Lake (Burns area)
  300. Lake Woodhaven (Burns area)
  301. Luther Lake (Burns area)
  302. Luther Lake Number Four (Burns area)
  303. Luther Lake Number One (Burns area)
  304. Luther Lake Number Three (White Bluff area)
  305. Luther Lake Number Two (Burns area)
  306. New City Lake (Dickson area)
  307. Sawmill Branch Lake (Ruskin area)
  308. Stewarts Lake (Vanleer area)
  309. Twin Lake (Burns area)
  310. Bishops Lake (Newbern area)
  311. Brackens Lake (Knob Creek area)
  312. Clark Farm Lake (Bonicord area)
  313. Dunham Lake (Knob Creek area)
  314. Everett Lake (Cottonwood Point area)
  315. Forked Lake (Knob Creek area)
  316. Goose Lake (Lane area)
  317. Horseshoe Lake (Lane area)
  318. Hushpucket Lake (Knob Creek area)
  319. Lewis Creek Tributary Lake 60-11 (Dyersburg area)
  320. Mitchell Lake (Chic area)
  321. Obion Lake (historical) (Lane area)
  322. OFDBA Lake Site Number 60-13 (Dyersburg area)
  323. OFDBA Lake Site Number 60-6 (Dyersburg area)
  324. Old River Lake (Lane area)
  325. Pillow Lake (Newbern area)
  326. Pioneer Lake Number Five (Dyersburg area)
  327. Pioneer Lake Number Four (Dyersburg area)
  328. Pioneer Lake Number One (Dyersburg area)
  329. Pioneer Lake Number Three (Dyersburg area)
  330. Pioneer Lake Number Two (Dyersburg area)
  331. Rhodes Lake (Knob Creek area)
  332. Rolling Acres Reservoir (Miston area)
  333. Round Lake (Lane area)
  334. Bear Creek Lake Number Two (Whiteville area)
  335. Bear Creek Watershed Lake Number One (Whiteville area)
  336. Big Bell Estates Lake (Oakland area)
  337. Burnette Lake (Moscow area)
  338. Butch McNabb Lake (Moscow area)
  339. Catfish Lake (Oakland area)
  340. Catfish Lake Two (Oakland area)
  341. Church Lake (Rossville area)
  342. Cow Lake (Oakland area)
  343. Double W Ranch Lake (Macon area)
  344. Duncan Lake (Laconia area)
  345. Fore Lake (Oakland area)
  346. Glengary Lake (Macon area)
  347. Greshams Lake (Gallaway area)
  348. Hall Lake (Oakland area)
  349. Herb Parsons Lake (Eads area)
  350. J E Price Pond Number One (Somerville area)
  351. Johnson Lake (Rossville area)
  352. Keith Lake Number Three (Rossville area)
  353. Keith Lake Number Two (Rossville area)
  354. Keith Lake One (Rossville area)
  355. Kimery Lake (Moscow area)
  356. Lake Rooney (Lambert area)
  357. Lake Tia Khata (Oakland area)
  358. Log Cabin Lake (Oakland area)
  359. Marsh Lake (Laconia area)
  360. Mitchell Lake (Moscow area)
  361. Monterey Lake (Eads area)
  362. Mustin Lake Number One (Rossville area)
  363. Mustin Lake Number Two (Rossville area)
  364. Pine Lake (Eads area)
  365. R L Lewis Lake (Moscow area)
  366. Salmon Lake (Oakland area)
  367. Scenic Lake (Oakland area)
  368. Terra Alta Lake (Hickory Valley area)
  369. W W Wilder Lake (Gallaway area)
  370. Wells Land Company Lake (Laconia area)
  371. Winfrey Lake (Lambert area)
  372. C and M East Farm Pond (Rugby area)
  373. Gene Rogers Lake (Jones Knob area)
  374. Jamestown Reservoir (Stockton area)
  375. Katron Sediment Basin Number One Reservoir (Grimsley area)
  376. Mar-Jeanne Farm Lake (Grimsley area)
  377. Old Jamestown Reservoir (Jamestown area)
  378. Peggy Pond (Jones Knob area)
  379. Wispering Winds Lake (Jamestown area)
  380. Athletic Field Lake (Sewanee area)
  381. Duncan Lake (Capitol Hill area)
  382. Eva Lake (Sewanee area)
  383. Forrest Lake (historical) (Tullahoma area)
  384. Glaus Pond (Belvidere area)
  385. Holland Pond (Capitol Hill area)
  386. Jackson Lake (Sewanee area)
  387. Kings Hole (Lois area)
  388. Lake Cheston (Sewanee area)
  389. Lake O’Donnell (Sewanee area)
  390. Lakeview Lake Number One (Pitcher Ridge area)
  391. Long Pond (Belvidere area)
  392. Lye Pond (Capitol Hill area)
  393. Mingo Pond (Belvidere area)
  394. Mont Milner Lake (Sewanee area)
  395. Murray Lake (Belvidere area)
  396. Saint Andrews Lake (Sewanee area)
  397. Tims Ford Lake (Lois area)
  398. Turn Hole (Lois area)
  399. Woods Reservoir (Capitol Hill area)
  400. Austin Hank Lake (Trezevant West area)
  401. Creswell Lake Number Thirty-eight (Atwood area)
  402. Creswell Lake Number Thirty-five (Atwood area)
  403. Creswell Lake Number Thirty-four (Atwood area)
  404. Creswell Lake Number Thirty-one (Atwood area)
  405. Creswell Lake Number Thirty-three (Atwood area)
  406. Creswell Lake Number Thirty-two (Atwood area)
  407. Creswell Lake Number Twenty-eight (Atwood area)
  408. Creswell Lake Number Twenty-five (Atwood area)
  409. Creswell Lake Number Twenty-four (Atwood area)
  410. Creswell Lake Number Twenty-nine (Atwood area)
  411. Creswell Lake Number Twenty-one (Atwood area)
  412. Creswell Lake Number Twenty-three (Atwood area)
  413. Hall Lake (Trenton area)
  414. Jones Farm Lake (Humboldt area)
  415. Possum Pond (Kenton area)
  416. Tyree Lake (Milan area)
  417. W H Bowers Lake (Brazil area)
  418. Abernathy Lake (Pulaski area)
  419. Clear Creek Lake (Brick Church area)
  420. Echo Lake (Pulaski area)
  421. Godfrey Lake (Tarpley area)
  422. Holt Lake (historical) (Milky Way area)
  423. Lake Galilee (Milky Way area)
  424. Lake Logan (Dellrose area)
  425. Lakeview Lake (Pulaski area)
  426. Painter Pond (Sandy Hook area)
  427. Sanders Lake (Milky Way area)
  428. Cave Pond (Talbott area)
  429. Cherokee Lake (Talbott area)
  430. Corbin Lake (Dutch Valley area)
  431. Corbin Lake (historical) (Dutch Valley area)
  432. Highland Springs Cove Lake (Luttrell area)
  433. Lea Lake (Luttrell area)
  434. Long Pond (historical) (Talbott area)
  435. Morgan Lake (Dutch Valley area)
  436. Paskell Pond (historical) (Joppa area)
  437. Wayland Lake (Baxter area)
  438. Wolfe Lake (Avondale area)
  439. Berry Pond (Chuckey area)
  440. Birdwell Pond (Cedar Creek area)
  441. Burkey Pond (Mosheim area)
  442. Combs Pond (Mosheim area)
  443. Davy Crockett Lake (Davy Crockett Lake area)
  444. Easterly Pond (Mohawk area)
  445. Hogan Pond (Cedar Creek area)
  446. Justis Lake (Baileyton area)
  447. Kidwell Pond (Greeneville area)
  448. Lakeview Estates Lake (Baileyton area)
  449. Malone Lake (McCloud area)
  450. Ricker Pond (Greystone area)
  451. Rolling G Lake (McCloud area)
  452. Scruggs Pond (Mohawk area)
  453. Tom Austin Lake (Davy Crockett Lake area)
  454. B Lakes (Tracy City area)
  455. Big Creek Lake (Tracy City area)
  456. Big Creek Utility Lake (Tracy City area)
  457. Carol Lake (Altamont area)
  458. Cumberland Mountain Lake (Hillsboro area)
  459. Cumberland Mountain Sd Company Lake (Hillsboro area)
  460. Duck Pond (Burrow Cove area)
  461. Goose Pond (Burrow Cove area)
  462. Grundy Lake Number Four (Tracy City area)
  463. Grundy Lake Number One (Tracy City area)
  464. Grundy Lake Number Two (Tracy City area)
  465. Highlander Pond (Burrow Cove area)
  466. Hines Pond (Burrow Cove area)
  467. Lake Echo (Tracy City area)
  468. Littell Number One Lake (Burrow Cove area)
  469. Parker Lake (Altamont area)
  470. Patton Pond (Burrow Cove area)
  471. Plainview Lake (Burrow Cove area)
  472. Ramsey Lake (Tracy City area)
  473. Skymont Lake Number One (Cane Hollow area)
  474. Skymount Lake Number Two (Cane Hollow area)
  475. Barrett Pond (Morristown area)
  476. Cluck Ponds (Morristown area)
  477. Dickenson Pond (Russellville area)
  478. Masengill Lake (Morristown area)
  479. Mayes Lake (Morristown area)
  480. Panther Lake (Talbott area)
  481. Stanifer Pond (Russellville area)
  482. Sugar Hollow Pond (Morristown area)
  483. Baylor Lake (Chattanooga area)
  484. Boston Branch Lake (Fairmount area)
  485. Chickamauga Lake (East Chattanooga area)
  486. Crow Pond (Soddy area)
  487. Currey Pond (Snow Hill area)
  488. Dallas Lake (Daisy area)
  489. Davis Pond (Snow Hill area)
  490. Dolly Pond (Grasshopper Creek area)
  491. Huckleberry Pond (Ooltewah area)
  492. Lake Edna (Hooker area)
  493. Lake Junior (East Chattanooga area)
  494. Lake Lookout (Chattanooga area)
  495. McCallie Lake (Chattanooga area)
  496. Montlake (Daisy area)
  497. Morning Glory Lake (Snow Hill area)
  498. Pan Gap Lake (Chattanooga area)
  499. Patterson Pond (Brayton area)
  500. Rainbow Lake (Fairmount area)
  501. Read Lake (Fairmount area)
  502. Shirley Pond (Snow Hill area)
  503. Springfield Pond (Daisy area)
  504. Wolf Pond (Birchwood area)
  505. Howard Pond (Sneedville area)
  506. Beaver Pond (Bolivar East area)
  507. Ben Henry Lake (Medon area)
  508. Brush Lake (Mercer area)
  509. Brushy Pond (Bolivar West area)
  510. Butler Lake (Teague area)
  511. Candlewood Lake (Saulsbury area)
  512. Chancellor and Son Lake (Saulsbury area)
  513. Clover Lakes (Bolivar West area)
  514. Crystal Lake (Saulsbury area)
  515. Cub Creek Lake Number One (Hebron area)
  516. Cub Creek Lake Number Three (Hebron area)
  517. Cub Creek Lake Number Two A (Hebron area)
  518. Cub Creek Tree Farm Lake (Middleton area)
  519. Duck Pond (Mercer area)
  520. Duncan Lake (Mercer area)
  521. Frese Pond (Saulsbury area)
  522. Gibson Pond (Bolivar East area)
  523. Grand Valley Lake (Middleburg area)
  524. Grand Valley Lake Number Two (Middleburg area)
  525. Harris Pond (Bolivar East area)
  526. Holland Lake (Teague area)
  527. Horseshoe Lake (Mercer area)
  528. Horseshoe Pond (Bolivar East area)
  529. Indian Creek Watershed Number Eight Lake (Canaan area)
  530. Indian Creek Watershed Number Four Lake (Grand Junction area)
  531. Indian Creek Watershed Number Seven Lake (Grand Junction area)
  532. Indian Creek Watershed Number Two Lake (Grand Junction area)
  533. Jack Pond (Bolivar East area)
  534. Jennie Pond (Mercer area)
  535. Lake Hardeman (Hebron area)
  536. Lake Lajoice (Bolivar East area)
  537. Lake Vonda (Hebron area)
  538. Landis Lake (Saulsbury area)
  539. Little Pigeon Lake (Mercer area)
  540. Mammy Pond (Mercer area)
  541. Muddy Creek Lake Number Twenty-one (Pocahontas area)
  542. Old Hickory Lake (Saulsbury area)
  543. Optimist Club Lake (Saulsbury area)
  544. Otter Pond (Bolivar East area)
  545. Pipkin Lake (Mercer area)
  546. Pirtle Pond (Bolivar West area)
  547. Porters Creek Lake Number Eight (Middleton area)
  548. Porters Creek Lake Number Fifteen (Middleton area)
  549. Porters Creek Lake Number Five (Middleton area)
  550. Porters Creek Lake Number Four (Middleton area)
  551. Porters Creek Lake Number Nine (Saulsbury area)
  552. Porters Creek Lake Number Seven (Middleton area)
  553. Porters Creek Lake Number Seventeen (Hebron area)
  554. Porters Creek Lake Number Six (Middleton area)
  555. Porters Creek Lake Number Three (Middleton area)
  556. Porters Creek Watershed Number Sixteen Lake (Middleton area)
  557. Rogers Spring Lake (Middleton area)
  558. Round Pond (Bolivar West area)
  559. Round Pond (Mercer area)
  560. Sammons Lake (Hillville area)
  561. Spring Creek Ranch Lake Number One (Middleburg area)
  562. Spring Creek Ranch Lake Number Two (Middleburg area)
  563. Spring Lake (Saulsbury area)
  564. The Grinnel Pond (Bolivar East area)
  565. Turkey Pond (Bolivar West area)
  566. Vaughn Pond (Bolivar East area)
  567. Whiteville Lake (Whiteville area)
  568. Woodrun Lake Number One (Middleton area)
  569. Woodrun Lake Number Two (Middleton area)
  570. Yarbrough Lake (Bolivar East area)
  571. Bloody Pond (Pittsburg Landing area)
  572. Don Coleman Lake (Savannah area)
  573. Duncan Pond (historical) (Olivehill area)
  574. Hatley Pond (Counce area)
  575. Johnson Pond (Pittsburg Landing area)
  576. Pickwick Lake (Pickwick area)
  577. Tennessee River Pulp and Paper East Lake (Counce area)
  578. Tennessee River Pulp and Paper West Lake (Counce area)
  579. Timberline Estates Lake (Savannah area)
  580. Water Oaks Pond (Pittsburg Landing area)
  581. White Lake (historical) (Pickwick area)
  582. Beal Pond (Bulls Gap area)
  583. Burem Lake (Burem area)
  584. Cantrell Pond (Bulls Gap area)
  585. Clearwater Pond (Burem area)
  586. Greenland Park Lake (Stony Point area)
  587. Heck Pond (Bulls Gap area)
  588. John Sevier Detention Reservoir (Burem area)
  589. Jones Pond (Camelot area)
  590. Ledford Pond (Camelot area)
  591. Mills Pond (Bulls Gap area)
  592. Pressmens Home Lake (Camelot area)
  593. Silver Lake (Church Hill area)
  594. Waste Lagoon (Stony Point area)
  595. A C Veirs Lake (Brownsville area)
  596. B W Cobb Lake (Brownsville area)
  597. Berson Lake (Brownsville area)
  598. Big Eddy (Jones area)
  599. Big Lake (Hillville area)
  600. Bomer Lake (Brownsville area)
  601. Bond Cutoff Lake (Turnpike area)
  602. Bradford Lake (Brownsville area)
  603. Bullpen Lake (Brownsville area)
  604. Byrd Lake (Bells area)
  605. Cannon Lake (Tibbs area)
  606. Cannon Lake (Turnpike area)
  607. Chaney Lake (Turnpike area)
  608. Cobb Creek Lake (Sunnyhill area)
  609. Coffee Lake (Hillville area)
  610. Cogshell Lake (Turnpike area)
  611. Cutoff Lake (Turnpike area)
  612. Doctor Robert Anthony Lake (Durhamville area)
  613. Double Basin (Turnpike area)
  614. Drain Lake (Brownsville area)
  615. Duffy Lake (Tibbs area)
  616. Eubanks Lake (Tibbs area)
  617. Freels Lake (Hillville area)
  618. Hart Lake Number One (Brownsville area)
  619. Hart Lake Number Two (Sunnyhill area)
  620. Holt Lake (Sunnyhill area)
  621. Horseshoe Cutoff (Hillville area)
  622. Horseshoe Lake (Brownsville area)
  623. Horseshoe Lake (Hillville area)
  624. Horseshoe Lake (Turnpike area)
  625. Jacks Lake (Brownsville area)
  626. Johnson Lake (Brownsville area)
  627. Little Lake (Hillville area)
  628. Long Lake (Brownsville area)
  629. Massey Lake (Sunnyhill area)
  630. Matthews Lake (Mercer area)
  631. Melton Lake (Tibbs area)
  632. Moody Lake (Chestnut Bluff area)
  633. Moon Lake (Brownsville area)
  634. Moores Lake (Brownsville area)
  635. Mud Creek Lake (Denmark area)
  636. New Lake (Hillville area)
  637. Pat Mann Lake (Dancyville area)
  638. Powell Lake (Hillville area)
  639. Powell Lake (Sunnyhill area)
  640. Powell Lakes (Sunnyhill area)
  641. Round Hole Lake (Turnpike area)
  642. Selaris Lake (Brownsville area)
  643. Shaw Lake (Sunnyhill area)
  644. Shepard Lake (Turnpike area)
  645. Smith Pond (Brownsville area)
  646. Sonny Jernigen Lake (Brownsville area)
  647. Stokely Lake (Sunnyhill area)
  648. Swan Lake (Brownsville area)
  649. Turpine Lake (Brownsville area)
  650. Walker Lake (Sunnyhill area)
  651. Wesley Lakes (Brownsville area)
  652. Wiggins Lake (Tibbs area)
  653. William A Jameson Lake (Jones area)
  654. Beech Lake (Lexington area)
  655. Berry Lake (Lexington area)
  656. Browns Creek Lake (Chesterfield area)
  657. Carrington Pond (Lexington area)
  658. Cedar Lake (Chesterfield area)
  659. Claiborne Wells Lake (Sardis area)
  660. Cub Creek Lake (Holladay area)
  661. Cypress Pond (Clifton area)
  662. Dogwood Lake (Parsons area)
  663. Elon Douglas Lake (Clarksburg area)
  664. Hesse Lake (Reagan area)
  665. Lexington Management Corporation Lake (Parsons area)
  666. Lexington Sewage Lagoon Pond (Lexington area)
  667. Milam Pond (Lexington area)
  668. Old Ponta Pond (Scotts Hill area)
  669. Pine Lake (Life area)
  670. Pinoak Lake (Chesterfield area)
  671. Redbud Lake (Chesterfield area)
  672. Robert Hopkins Lake (Reagan area)
  673. Spring Creek Lake (Clarksburg area)
  674. Susan Branch Lake (Cedar Grove area)
  675. Sycamore Lake (Life area)
  676. Briarpatch Lake (Osage area)
  677. Fogelman Lake (Eads area)
  678. Green Acres Lake (Paris area)
  679. H C Spinks Company Lake (Henry area)
  680. Jones Bend Lake (Paris area)
  681. Mason Lake (Puryear area)
  682. Middle Fork Obion Lake Five (Osage area)
  683. Middle Fork Obion Lake Number Seven (Henry area)
  684. Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Four (Osage area)
  685. Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Six (Osage area)
  686. Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Three (Osage area)
  687. Middle Fork Obion River Lake Number Two (Osage area)
  688. Middle Fork Obion River Number Nine Lake (Henry area)
  689. Platts Pond (Como area)
  690. Smith Lake (Paris area)
  691. Taylor Lake (Paris area)
  692. Thompson Creek Number Five Lake (Como area)
  693. Twin Lakes (West Sandy Dike area)
  694. Weaks Lake (West Sandy Dike area)
  695. Cedar Crest Camp Lake (Lyles area)
  696. Huckaby Lake (Williamsport area)
  697. Kirk Lake (Texas Hollow area)
  698. M C West Tailings Pond (Littlelot area)
  699. Nickells Lake (Centerville area)
  700. Wilder Lake (Spot area)
  701. Big Spring Lake (Coble area)
  702. Big Spring Lake Number Two (Coble area)
  703. Burch Lake (Tennessee City area)
  704. Clear Lake (historical) (Hustburg area)
  705. Cypress Pond (historical) (Hustburg area)
  706. Foote Mineral Company Tailings Pond (Hustburg area)
  707. Johnson Pond (Halls Creek area)
  708. Old Cathole (historical) (Hustburg area)
  709. Parm Lick Pond (Hurricane Mills area)
  710. Simmons Lake (Tennessee City area)
  711. Whery Lake (Hurricane Mills area)
  712. Jennings Creek Lake Number Eighteen (Willette area)
  713. Jennings Creek Watershed Number Ten Lake (Willette area)
  714. Lake Number Fifteen (Willette area)
  715. Lake Number Five (Union Hill area)
  716. Lake Number Six (Union Hill area)
  717. Lake Number Thirteen (Willette area)
  718. Lake Number Three (Whitleyville area)
  719. Lake Site Number Four (Whitleyville area)
  720. Ault Lake (New Market area)
  721. Cates Pond (Mascot area)
  722. Cress Pond (Mascot area)
  723. Dalton Lake (White Pine area)
  724. Foust Pond (historical) (Jefferson City area)
  725. Gum Pond (historical) (Jefferson City area)
  726. Hodges Lake (Mascot area)
  727. Miller Pond (historical) (White Pine area)
  728. Roberts Pond (White Pine area)
  729. Rucker Lake (New Market area)
  730. Seahorn Pond (historical) (White Pine area)
  731. Thomas Pond (Jefferson City area)
  732. Beaman Lake (Shooks Gap area)
  733. Bradley Lake (Bearden area)
  734. Bud Hodge Lake (Bearden area)
  735. Callans Pond (historical) (Boyds Creek area)
  736. Cardwell Lake (Fountain City area)
  737. Chandler Lake (historical) (Bearden area)
  738. Crystal Lake (Knoxville area)
  739. Dead Horse Lake (Bearden area)
  740. Graveston Mill Pond (Graveston area)
  741. Kirby Lake (Bearden area)
  742. Lake Mary Ella (Bearden area)
  743. Lake Ottosee (Knoxville area)
  744. Learn Pond (Boyds Creek area)
  745. Lynnhurst Lake (Fountain City area)
  746. Mill Lake (John Sevier area)
  747. Mill Pond (Mascot area)
  748. Twin Lakes (Lovell area)
  749. Watercress Pond (Fountain City area)
  750. Blue Basin (Ridgely area)
  751. Cook Pond (historical) (Tiptonville area)
  752. Grassy Lake (historical) (Tennemo area)
  753. Gray Duck Hole (Tiptonville area)
  754. Katies Gourd (Tiptonville area)
  755. Mud Lake (historical) (Tennemo area)
  756. Reelfoot Lake (Ridgely area)
  757. Staen Hole (Tiptonville area)
  758. Starve Pond (Tiptonville area)
  759. Bee Lake (Fort Pillow area)
  760. Bee Tree Pond (Golddust area)
  761. Bettis Lake (Chestnut Bluff area)
  762. Bill Smith Lake (Ripley North area)
  763. Blue Pond (Golddust area)
  764. Camp Slough (Open Lake area)
  765. Cane Creek Lake Number Fifteen (Durhamville area)
  766. Cane Creek Lake Number Nine (Ripley North area)
  767. Cane Creek Lake Number Nineteen (Ripley South area)
  768. Cane Creek Number Five Lake (Ripley North area)
  769. Cane Creek Number Three Lake (Open Lake area)
  770. Cane Creek Number Twenty-two Lake (Fort Pillow area)
  771. Champion Lake (Gilt Edge area)
  772. Chisholm Lake (Ripley North area)
  773. Convict Lake (Golddust area)
  774. Crutcher Lake (Golddust area)
  775. Doris Irvin Lake (Durhamville area)
  776. Dry Arm (Open Lake area)
  777. Fletcher Lake (Osceola area)
  778. Forked Lake (Golddust area)
  779. Fort Pillow Street Park Lake (Osceola area)
  780. Goose Pond (Golddust area)
  781. Goose Pond (Open Lake area)
  782. Grassy Lake (Open Lake area)
  783. Gum Pond (Ripley North area)
  784. Heathright Pocket (Golddust area)
  785. Jennings Pond (Ripley North area)
  786. Johnson Lake (Golddust area)
  787. Lake Wood (Knob Creek area)
  788. Little Champion Lake (Gilt Edge area)
  789. Little Mud Lake (Golddust area)
  790. Little Roney Pond (Golddust area)
  791. Long Pond (Ripley North area)
  792. Lost Lake (Open Lake area)
  793. Open Lake (Open Lake area)
  794. Otter Pond (Golddust area)
  795. Ried Dunavant Lake (Fort Pillow area)
  796. Right Hand Arm (Open Lake area)
  797. Roney Pond (Golddust area)
  798. Separate Pond (historical) (Ripley North area)
  799. Sunk Lake (Fort Pillow area)
  800. Swan Lake (Open Lake area)
  801. The Chute (Golddust area)
  802. Trout Pond (Golddust area)
  803. Walker Pond (Golddust area)
  804. Wardlows Pocket (Open Lake area)
  805. Whale Pond (Golddust area)
  806. Bennett Lake (Long Branch area)
  807. Brown Lake (Lawrenceburg area)
  808. David Crockett Lake (Ethridge area)
  809. Johnson Lake (Loretto area)
  810. Laurel Hill Lake (Ovilla area)
  811. Lourdes Lake (Deerfield area)
  812. McKinney Lake (Saint Joseph area)
  813. Miller Lake (Summertown area)
  814. New Shoal Creek Reservoir (Lawrenceburg area)
  815. Pine Lake (Summertown area)
  816. Richardson Ponds (Bonnertown area)
  817. Shack Lake (Long Branch area)
  818. Veterans of Foreign Wars Lake (Deerfield area)
  819. VFW Lake (Deerfield area)
  820. Dan Maddox Fishing Lake (Henryville area)
  821. Dan Maddox Lake (Henryville area)
  822. Fox Lake (Mount Joy area)
  823. Green Pond (Summertown area)
  824. Hamilton Lakes (Mount Joy area)
  825. Highland Lake (Hohenwald area)
  826. Horse Pond (Graves Spring area)
  827. Jackson Lake (Riverside area)
  828. Lake Highland (Hohenwald area)
  829. Napier Diversion Lake (Riverside area)
  830. Napier Lake (Riverside area)
  831. Slag Pile Pond (Riverside area)
  832. Carter Lake (Taft area)
  833. Childress Lake (Lincoln area)
  834. Circle H Ranch Lake (Lincoln area)
  835. Lincoln Lake (Flintville area)
  836. Louis Lake (Taft area)
  837. Oakwood Acres Lake (Lincoln area)
  838. Rambo Lake (Fayetteville area)
  839. Rebecca Lake (Lincoln area)
  840. Steelman Lake (Flintville area)
  841. Timber Lake (Fayetteville area)
  842. Tucker Pond (historical) (Taft area)
  843. Whitaker Lake (Taft area)
  844. Black Pond (Vonore area)
  845. Bream Hole Lake (Meadow area)
  846. Fort Loudoun Lake (Concord area)
  847. Hammontree Lake (Meadow area)
  848. Melton Hill Lake (Bethel Valley area)
  849. Roy White Lake (Loudon area)
  850. Tellico Lake (Niota area)
  851. Lake Number Seventeen (Willette area)
  852. Lake Number Sixteen (Willette area)
  853. Red Boiling Springs Lake Number One (Red Boiling Springs area)
  854. Red Boiling Springs Watershed Lake Number Two (Red Boiling Springs area)
  855. Blair Lake (Claybrook area)
  856. Camp Williamson Lake (Medina area)
  857. Collier Lake (Jackson North area)
  858. Construction Products Lake (Jackson North area)
  859. Dukes Lake (Humboldt area)
  860. Duncan Lake (Claybrook area)
  861. Fern Lake (Claybrook area)
  862. Johnson Creek Lake Four (Westover area)
  863. Johnson Creek Lake Seven (Westover area)
  864. Johnson Creek Lake Ten (Westover area)
  865. Johnson Creek Lake Two (Teague area)
  866. Jones Lake (Covington area)
  867. Lake DeForest (Jackson North area)
  868. Lake Williams (Jackson South area)
  869. Meridian Creek Lake One (Jackson South area)
  870. Meridian Creek Lake Two (Jackson South area)
  871. OFDBA Lake Site Number 86-95-2 (Claybrook area)
  872. Silver Moon Lake (Mercer area)
  873. Springbrook Lake (Claybrook area)
  874. Sunset Lake (Claybrook area)
  875. Tennessee Sheriffs Youthtown Lake (Jackson South area)
  876. Tyson Lake (Denmark area)
  877. Wilderwood Lake (Medon area)
  878. Bennett Lake (Sequatchie area)
  879. Blue Hole (Bridgeport area)
  880. Browns Lake (Wauhatchie area)
  881. Clifftops Lake (Monteagle area)
  882. Cummings Lake (Wauhatchie area)
  883. Davis Lake (Ketner Gap area)
  884. Day Lake (Monteagle area)
  885. Guntersville Lake (Bridgeport area)
  886. Haskell Foster Lake (White City area)
  887. Ketner Cove Lake (Ketner Gap area)
  888. Laurel Lake (Buffalo Valley area)
  889. Laurel Lake (Monteagle area)
  890. Nickajack Lake (Sequatchie area)
  891. Raccoon Mountain Pumped Station Reserve (Wauhatchie area)
  892. Raccoon Mountain Pumped Station Reservoir (Wauhatchie area)
  893. Red Pond (Orme area)
  894. Snake Pond (Orme area)
  895. Tom McBee Lake (Monteagle area)
  896. Burns Lake (Brick Church area)
  897. Hil-A-Wa Lake (Lewisburg area)
  898. Lewis Lake (Cornersville area)
  899. Lewisburg Reservoir (Lewisburg area)
  900. Marsh Lake (Campbells Station area)
  901. McKinnon Lake (Cornersville area)
  902. Paradise Lake (Greenbrier area)
  903. Paradise Lake (Lewisburg area)
  904. Piuge Brothers Lake (Campbells Station area)
  905. Arrow Lake (Mount Pleasant area)
  906. Badger Spring Lake (Lynnville area)
  907. Big Oak Lake (Carters Creek area)
  908. Bobs Lake Number One (Mount Pleasant area)
  909. Bobs Lake Number Two (Mount Pleasant area)
  910. Brookside Lake (Columbia area)
  911. Burcham Pond (Williamsport area)
  912. Campbell Lake (Mount Pleasant area)
  913. Collins Lakes (Carters Creek area)
  914. Hooker Chemical Company Pond F (Williamsport area)
  915. Hooker Chemical Pond A (Williamsport area)
  916. Hooker Chemical Pond B (Williamsport area)
  917. Hooker Chemical Pond C (Williamsport area)
  918. Hooker Chemical Pond D (Williamsport area)
  919. Hooker Number Six Tailings Pond (Godwin area)
  920. Howells Lake (Godwin area)
  921. Hunter Lake (Carters Creek area)
  922. Ingram Lake (Godwin area)
  923. Laura Lake (Spring Hill area)
  924. Lost Acres Lake (Theta area)
  925. McKissick Lake (Sandy Hook area)
  926. Millers Lake (Lynnville area)
  927. Monsanto Number Fifteen Lake (Godwin area)
  928. Morrow Lake (Columbia area)
  929. Orphans Home Lake (Carters Creek area)
  930. Presnell Tailings Pond (Godwin area)
  931. Quarry Lake (Carters Creek area)
  932. Sparkman Lake (Godwin area)
  933. Stauffer Chemical Tailings Pond Number Nineteen (Mount Pleasant area)
  934. Stauffer Chemical Tailings Pond Number Seventeen (Mount Pleasant area)
  935. Stauffer Globe Pond Number Twenty-one (Mount Pleasant area)
  936. Stauffer Pond Number Twenty (Columbia area)
  937. Tailings Pond Number Eight (Williamsport area)
  938. Tailings Pond Number Eleven (Williamsport area)
  939. Tailings Pond Number Five (Godwin area)
  940. Tailings Pond Number Four (Godwin area)
  941. Tailings Pond Number Nine (Williamsport area)
  942. Tailings Pond Number Seven (Godwin area)
  943. Tailings Pond Number Ten (Godwin area)
  944. Tailings Pond Number Ten (Williamsport area)
  945. Tailings Pond Number Three (Godwin area)
  946. Tailings Pond Number Twelve (Williamsport area)
  947. Tailings Pond Number Two (Williamsport area)
  948. University of Tennessee Experimental Farm Lake (Carters Creek area)
  949. Blazer Lake (Riceville area)
  950. Chilohowee Rod and Gun Club Lake (Riceville area)
  951. L and N Reservoir (Etowah area)
  952. Lake Comfort (Tranquillity area)
  953. Mountain View Lake (Etowah area)
  954. Nagle Lake (Riceville area)
  955. Pierce Pond (Goodfield area)
  956. Sweetwater Creek Watershed Number One Reservoir (Sweetwater area)
  957. Sweetwater Creek Watershed Number Sixteen Reservoir (Niota area)
  958. Webb Lake (Riceville area)
  959. William Browder Lake (Riceville area)
  960. Williams Lake (Etowah area)
  961. Big Hill Pond (Chewalla area)
  962. Big Hill Pond Lake (Chewalla area)
  963. J J Madison Lake (Hornsby area)
  964. Logans Lake (Masseyville area)
  965. Pocahontas Lake (Pocahontas area)
  966. Tanyard Springs Lake (Stantonville area)
  967. Turner Lake (Chewalla area)
  968. Twin Springs Lake (Purdy area)
  969. Breeden Pond (Goodfield area)
  970. Cupp Lake (Tranquillity area)
  971. Edgemon Lake (Ten Mile area)
  972. Flag Pond (Birchwood area)
  973. Mungers Pond (Birchwood area)
  974. Watts Bar Lake (Decatur area)
  975. Ballard Mill Lead Mine Pond (Sweetwater area)
  976. C A Waymier Lake (Niota area)
  977. Calderwood Lake (Tapoco area)
  978. Carson Pond (Madisonville area)
  979. Chilhowee Lake (Tallassee area)
  980. Craighead Lake (Madisonville area)
  981. Craighead Lake (Sweetwater area)
  982. Elbert Martin Lake (Tellico Plains area)
  983. Indian Boundary Lake (Rafter area)
  984. Indian Boundary Lake (Whiteoak Flats area)
  985. Kinser Pond (Sweetwater area)
  986. Laurel Mountain Lake (Mount Vernon area)
  987. Madisonville Lake (Englewood area)
  988. Mulberry Lake (Tallassee area)
  989. Sanford Gray Lake Number One (Tellico Plains area)
  990. Shortfoots Pond (Mount Vernon area)
  991. Shortfoots Pond (Tellico Plains area)
  992. Smoky Mountain Christian Camp Lake (Farner area)
  993. Sweetwater Creek Project Lake (Niota area)
  994. Tellico Lake (Tellico Plains area)
  995. Turkeypen Lake (Tallassee area)
  996. Unicoi Lake (Tellico Plains area)
  997. Witts Pond (historical) (Tellico Plains area)
  998. Yeller Nugget Lake (Tellico Plains area)
  999. Cunningham Broadbent Lake (Woodlawn area)
  1000. Dunbar Lake (Clarksville area)
  1001. Lake Barkley (Clarksville area)
  1002. Lake Site Number Three (Woodlawn area)
  1003. Lake Taal (New Providence area)
  1004. Blue Hole (Lois area)
  1005. Cumberland Springs Lake (Lynchburg East area)
  1006. Sebastian Pond (Lynchburg West area)
  1007. Brushy Mountain Reservoir (Petros area)
  1008. Burnett Lake (Jones Knob area)
  1009. Dead Mans Pond (Rugby area)
  1010. Land of Lakes Catfish Farm Lake (Jones Knob area)
  1011. S Thomas Burnett Lake Number Two (Jones Knob area)
  1012. Big Lake (Rives area)
  1013. Bo Pocket (Samburg area)
  1014. Botts Lake (Rives area)
  1015. Brewer Basin (Samburg area)
  1016. Buck Basin (Samburg area)
  1017. Carey Basin (Samburg area)
  1018. Englewood Lake (Clayton area)
  1019. Glady Hollow 41-1 Lake (Hornbeak area)
  1020. Glory Hole (Samburg area)
  1021. Guy Jones Lake (Trimble area)
  1022. Home Basin (Samburg area)
  1023. Horseshoe Lake (Rives area)
  1024. Houser Creek Dam (Union City area)
  1025. L E Dellinger Lake (Hornbeak area)
  1026. Long Lake (Rives area)
  1027. Luker Lake (Hornbeak area)
  1028. Mockingbird Hills Lake (Union City area)
  1029. Mud Basin (Samburg area)
  1030. Rat Pocket (Samburg area)
  1031. Reelfoot Indian Creek Number Fifteen Lake (Clayton area)
  1032. Reelfoot Indian Creek Number Fourteen Lake (Clayton area)
  1033. Reelfoot Indian Creek Number Ten Lake (Clayton area)
  1034. Reelfoot Indian Creek Watershed Number Seven Reservoir (Clayton area)
  1035. Turner Lake (Rives area)
  1036. Upper Blue Basin (Samburg area)
  1037. White Lake (Harris area)
  1038. Yankapin Basin (Samburg area)
  1039. Camp Monterey Lake (Obey City area)
  1040. Dillon Pond (Livingston area)
  1041. Jolly Lake (Alpine area)
  1042. Keeton Pond (Livingston area)
  1043. Lad Lake (Obey City area)
  1044. Livingston City Lake (Okalona area)
  1045. Mason Lake (Windle area)
  1046. Pine Ridge Lake (Clarkrange area)
  1047. Standing Stone Lake (Dale Hollow Dam area)
  1048. Standingstone Lake (Hilham area)
  1049. Poole Lake (Lobelville area)
  1050. Pickett Lake (Sharp Place area)
  1051. Campbell Cove Lake (Ducktown area)
  1052. Cassada Pond (Benton area)
  1053. City Services Diversion Lake (Ducktown area)
  1054. City Services Rention Pond (Isabella area)
  1055. Delano Mill Pond (Etowah area)
  1056. F-Eleven Tailings Pond (Ducktown area)
  1057. Gypsum Pond (Isabella area)
  1058. Lake Agape (Oswald Dome area)
  1059. Lake Lamar (Ducktown area)
  1060. Lake Ocoee (Parksville area)
  1061. London Mills Tailings Pond (Isabella area)
  1062. McCamy Lake (Oswald Dome area)
  1063. McKomey Lake (Oswald Dome area)
  1064. Ocoee Number Three Lake (Ducktown area)
  1065. Ocoee Number Two Lake (Ducktown area)
  1066. Parksville Lake (Parksville area)
  1067. Buck Lake (Cookeville East area)
  1068. Cane Creek Lake (Cookeville West area)
  1069. City Lake (Dry Valley area)
  1070. City of Monterey Lake (Obey City area)
  1071. Gordan Hunter Lake (Monterey area)
  1072. Green Valley Farm Lake (Cookeville West area)
  1073. J E Walker Lake (Obey City area)
  1074. Maxwell Lake (Cookeville East area)
  1075. Monterey Lake (Monterey Lake area)
  1076. Monterey Lake Number One (Monterey Lake area)
  1077. Monterey Lake Number Two (Monterey Lake area)
  1078. Puckett Pond (Cookeville East area)
  1079. Quinland Lake (Cookeville East area)
  1080. Dayton Reservoir (Morgan Springs area)
  1081. Hill Lake (Evensville area)
  1082. Porter Lake (Decatur area)
  1083. Sinclair Lake (Morgan Springs area)
  1084. T Industries Lake (Evensville area)
  1085. Cherrolake (Lenoir City area)
  1086. Rose Bailey Lake (Cave Creek area)
  1087. Whiteoak Lake (Bethel Valley area)
  1088. Browns Lake (Whites Creek area)
  1089. Greenbrier Lake (Greenbrier area)
  1090. Greenbrier Recreation Club Lake (Greenbrier area)
  1091. Harper Lake (Adams area)
  1092. Ridgetop Lake (Greenbrier area)
  1093. Wartrace Lake (Youngville area)
  1094. Blue Water Lake (Smyrna area)
  1095. Browns Mill Lake (Lascassas area)
  1096. Lockwood Lake (Rockvale area)
  1097. Mathews Lake (Lascassas area)
  1098. Sterling Farmer Lake (Murfreesboro area)
  1099. Todds Lake (Dillton area)
  1100. Todds Lake Number Two (Dillton area)
  1101. Walter Hill Lake (Lascassas area)
  1102. Brown Pond (Oneida North area)
  1103. Carter Lake (Oneida South area)
  1104. Conservation League Lake (Oneida North area)
  1105. Cooper Pond (Oneida South area)
  1106. Howard H Baker Senior Lake (Oneida North area)
  1107. Laxion Lake (Winfield area)
  1108. Laxton Lake (Winfield area)
  1109. Lays Lake (Oneida South area)
  1110. Newport Lake (Oneida South area)
  1111. Pine Creek Number One Lake (Oneida South area)
  1112. Ponderosa Lake (Oneida South area)
  1113. Ronald King Lake (Winfield area)
  1114. W H Swain Lake (Oneida South area)
  1115. West Pond (Oneida North area)
  1116. Deerhead Lake (Savage Point area)
  1117. Ernest Taylor Lake (Daus area)
  1118. Glen Barker Lake (Daus area)
  1119. S K Johnson Lake (Collins area)
  1120. Studer Lake (Smartt Mountain area)
  1121. Douglas Lake (Douglas Dam area)
  1122. Fox Pond (Boyds Creek area)
  1123. Hidden Mountain Lake Number One (Walden Creek area)
  1124. Hidden Mountain Lake Number Two (Walden Creek area)
  1125. Margerita Craig Lake (Wear Cove area)
  1126. Tinsley Pond (Boyds Creek area)
  1127. Waters Estate Lake (Douglas Dam area)
  1128. Asa B Douglas Lake (Southeast Memphis area)
  1129. Beaver Lake (Northeast Memphis area)
  1130. Boyle Investment Company Lake (Collierville area)
  1131. Camp Haiyaka Lake (Locke area)
  1132. Camp Lake Number One (Locke area)
  1133. Camps Lakes (Locke area)
  1134. Casper Lake (Brunswick area)
  1135. Chase Lake Number One (Locke area)
  1136. Chase Lake Number Three (Locke area)
  1137. Chase Lake Number Two (Locke area)
  1138. Cockleburr Lake (Fletcher Lake area)
  1139. Colonial Country Club Sixteenth Hole Lake (Ellendale area)
  1140. Coro Lake (Southwest Memphis area)
  1141. Doctor H E Atherton Lake (Arlington area)
  1142. Downing Lake (Brunswick area)
  1143. Drane Lake (Locke area)
  1144. Eagle Lake (Locke area)
  1145. Edwards Lake (Locke area)
  1146. Fisher Lake (Eads area)
  1147. Glen Echo Lake (Germantown area)
  1148. Glynnwood Lake (Collierville area)
  1149. Gordon Gordons Lake (Northeast Memphis area)
  1150. Grassy Lake (Locke area)
  1151. Great American Mortgage Lake (Ellendale area)
  1152. Guymon Lake (Eads area)
  1153. Hamilton Lake (Germantown area)
  1154. Hopefield Chute (Northwest Memphis area)
  1155. Houston Levee Golf Course Lake (Collierville area)
  1156. Hunt Lake (Germantown area)
  1157. Island Forty Chute (Jericho area)
  1158. J C May Lake (Southwest Memphis area)
  1159. J D Williams Lake (Brunswick area)
  1160. James Lake (Collierville area)
  1161. Jamieson Lake (Germantown area)
  1162. Johnson Lake (Millington area)
  1163. Lake McKellar (Southwest Memphis area)
  1164. Lake Site Number Eleven (Collierville area)
  1165. Lake Windermere (Northeast Memphis area)
  1166. Lakeland Lake (Eads area)
  1167. Lakeland Sewage Pond (Ellendale area)
  1168. Lochnevin Lake (Northeast Memphis area)
  1169. Lyle Lake (Locke area)
  1170. Lyles Lake (Locke area)
  1171. Mallard Lake (Fletcher Lake area)
  1172. Marie Lake (Locke area)
  1173. Marys Creek Lake Number Eight (Eads area)
  1174. Marys Creek Lake Number Five (Eads area)
  1175. Marys Creek Lake Number Four (Eads area)
  1176. Marys Creek Lake Number Nine (Eads area)
  1177. McAlexander Lake Number One (Locke area)
  1178. McKeller Park Lake A (Southeast Memphis area)
  1179. McKeller Park Lake B (Southeast Memphis area)
  1180. Memphis Lake (Northeast Memphis area)
  1181. Memphis Union Mission Lake (Northwest Memphis area)
  1182. Milton Schaeffers Lake (Collierville area)
  1183. Mitchell Lake Number One (Millington area)
  1184. Mitchell Lake Number Three (Millington area)
  1185. Mosquito Lake (Northwest Memphis area)
  1186. Mud Lake (Lake Cormorant area)
  1187. Nolan Lake (Germantown area)
  1188. Norfleet Turner Lake (Germantown area)
  1189. North Horn Lake (Fletcher Lake area)
  1190. Old Optimist Boys Camp Lake (Germantown area)
  1191. Otter Lake (Northeast Memphis area)
  1192. Paradise Lake (Eads area)
  1193. Penal Farm Lake Number Four (Ellendale area)
  1194. Penal Farm Lake Number One (Ellendale area)
  1195. Penal Farm Lake Number Three (Ellendale area)
  1196. Penal Farm Lake Number Two (Ellendale area)
  1197. Piersol Lake (Locke area)
  1198. Pine Lake (Arlington area)
  1199. Poplar Tree Lake (Locke area)
  1200. R H Williams Lake (Millington area)
  1201. Rebecca Lake (Locke area)
  1202. Ridgeway Country Club Lake (Collierville area)
  1203. Robco Lake (Southwest Memphis area)
  1204. Robert G Drewrys Lake (Arlington area)
  1205. Robertson Lake (Locke area)
  1206. Robinson Lake (Ellendale area)
  1207. Round Lake (Fletcher Lake area)
  1208. Round Pond (Locke area)
  1209. Rowe Lake (Big Junction area)
  1210. Sky Lake (Northeast Memphis area)
  1211. Spring Lake (Ellendale area)
  1212. Stotts Lake (Eads area)
  1213. Tanya Lake (Brunswick area)
  1214. Thomas A Gemignani Lake (Collierville area)
  1215. Tompkins Lake (Millington area)
  1216. Walnut Grove Lake (Germantown area)
  1217. Williams Lake (Millington area)
  1218. Willow Lake (Locke area)
  1219. Wolf River Lagoon (Northwest Memphis area)
  1220. Cordell Hull Reservoir (Carthage area)
  1221. Jersey Miniery Zinc Company Lake (Gordonsville area)
  1222. Bards Lake (Tharpe area)
  1223. Cottrell Ponds (Standing Rock area)
  1224. Cross Creek Reservoir (Cumberland City area)
  1225. Fairground Pond (Dover area)
  1226. Kentucky Lake (Rushing Bay area)
  1227. Lake Kyle (Indian Mound area)
  1228. Pool Five (Cumberland City area)
  1229. Pool Four (Indian Mound area)
  1230. Pool Fourteen (Cumberland City area)
  1231. Pool Six (Cumberland City area)
  1232. Pool Two (Bumpus Mills area)
  1233. Rawls Pond (Tharpe area)
  1234. Sexton Pond (Standing Rock area)
  1235. Vinson Pond (historical) (Rushing Bay area)
  1236. Bays Mountain Reservoir (Kingsport area)
  1237. Boone Lake (Boone Dam area)
  1238. Camp Tom Howard Lake (Shady Valley area)
  1239. Fort Patrick Henry Lake (Sullivan Gardens area)
  1240. Halls Mill Pond (Boone Dam area)
  1241. Kingsport Reservoir (Kingsport area)
  1242. Middlebrook Lake (Bristol area)
  1243. South Holston Lake (Holston Valley area)
  1244. Steele Creek Park Lake (Bristol area)
  1245. Taylor Lake (Holston Valley area)
  1246. Underwood Park Lake (Keenburg area)
  1247. Akers Lake (Dale Hollow Reservoir SE area)
  1248. Anderson Lake (Goodlettsville area)
  1249. Crutcher Lake (Cottontown area)
  1250. Crutcher Lake (Hendersonville area)
  1251. Five Coves Lake (Hendersonville area)
  1252. L A Green Lake (Laguardo area)
  1253. Larry Collins Lake (Fountain Head area)
  1254. Meadowbrook Game Farm Lake (Turners Station area)
  1255. Norman Lake (Hendersonville area)
  1256. Pages Lake (Goodlettsville area)
  1257. Phillip Bradshaw Lake (Portland area)
  1258. Pine Lake (Turners Station area)
  1259. Polk Lake (Cottontown area)
  1260. Portland City Lake (Fountain Head area)
  1261. Sumner Sportsman Club Lake (Fountain Head area)
  1262. Westmoreland Water Supply Lake (Noah area)
  1263. Willow Lake (Fountain Head area)
  1264. Womack Lake (Gallatin area)
  1265. Benedicts Lake (Munford area)
  1266. Corona Lake (Pecan Point area)
  1267. Cotton Lake (Gift area)
  1268. Demerys Lake (Munford area)
  1269. Gin House Lake (Munford area)
  1270. Glenview Lake (Munford area)
  1271. Hanks Lake (Munford area)
  1272. Johnson Lake (Munford area)
  1273. Lake Ellen (Brighton area)
  1274. Leaf Lake (Drummonds area)
  1275. McLaughlin Lake (Nodena area)
  1276. Meade Lake (Munford area)
  1277. Mrs Ardell Blankenship Lake (Gilt Edge area)
  1278. Payne Lake (historical) (Nodena area)
  1279. Pumpkin Lake (Pecan Point area)
  1280. Rays Lake (Drummonds area)
  1281. Reed Lake Number One (Munford area)
  1282. Reed Lake Number Two (Munford area)
  1283. Reed Lakes (Munford area)
  1284. Round Lake (Fort Pillow area)
  1285. Shingle Lake (Gilt Edge area)
  1286. Sullivan Lake (Drummonds area)
  1287. Tatlock Lake (Covington area)
  1288. Walker Pond (Munford area)
  1289. Willow Lake (Frenchmans Bayou area)
  1290. Witherington Lake (Gilt Edge area)
  1291. Kelly Lake (Hartsville area)
  1292. Big Ridge Lake (Big Ridge Park area)
  1293. Thunder Hollow Lake (Graveston area)
  1294. Black Pond (Lonewood area)
  1295. Fall Creek Falls Lake (Sampson area)
  1296. O’Neal Lake (Curtistown area)
  1297. Spencer Water Supply Lake (Bald Knob area)
  1298. Airport Lake (McMinnville area)
  1299. Black Pond (Morrison area)
  1300. Boyd Brothers Lake (Welchland area)
  1301. Great Falls Lake (Doyle area)
  1302. Harvest Farms Lake (Viola area)
  1303. Lake Karen (Cardwell Mountain area)
  1304. McMinnville Water Supply Lake (McMinnville area)
  1305. Moore Lake (Telford area)
  1306. Painter Pond (Leesburg area)
  1307. Sampson-Wood Lake (Boone Dam area)
  1308. Walker Pond (Telford area)
  1309. Waller Pond (Telford area)
  1310. Rainbow Lake (Topsy area)
  1311. Weatherford-Bear Creek Lake Number Two (Martins Mills area)
  1312. Weatherford-Bear Lake Number One B (Ransom Stand area)
  1313. Beard Pond (Dresden area)
  1314. Cooper Pond (Dresden area)
  1315. Cypress Creek Lake Number Eleven (Dresden area)
  1316. Cypress Creek Lake Number Four (Dresden area)
  1317. Cypress Creek Lake Number Nine (Dresden area)
  1318. Cypress Creek Lake Number Seven (Como area)
  1319. Cypress Creek Lake Number Six (Como area)
  1320. Cypress Creek Lake Number Twelve (Dresden area)
  1321. Cypress Creek Number Eight Lake (Dresden area)
  1322. Cypress Creek Number Five Lake (Dresden area)
  1323. Cypress Creek Number Ten Lake (Dresden area)
  1324. Cypress Creek Number Three Lake (Latham area)
  1325. Cypress Creek Number Two Lake (Latham area)
  1326. Cypress Creek Watershed Lake One (Latham area)
  1327. Duke Pond (Dresden area)
  1328. Edward Pond (Dresden area)
  1329. Gant Pond (Dresden area)
  1330. Garrett Lake (Como area)
  1331. Greenfield Sewage Lagoon Lake (Greenfield area)
  1332. Harold Muzzall Lake (McConnell area)
  1333. Harris Pond (Dresden area)
  1334. Hodgers Pond (Como area)
  1335. Middle Fork Obion Lake (McKenzie area)
  1336. Mud Creek Watershed Lake Fifteen (Martin area)
  1337. Mud Creek Watershed Lake Five (Martin area)
  1338. Mud Creek Watershed Lake Nine (Dresden area)
  1339. Mud Creek Watershed Lake Number Seventeen (Martin area)
  1340. Muzzalls Pond (Como area)
  1341. OFDBA Little Cypress Creek Lake Number (Gardner area)
  1342. Peelers Pond (Como area)
  1343. Taylors Pond (Como area)
  1344. Thompson Creek Number Eight Lake (Como area)
  1345. Thompson Creek Number Three Lake (Como area)
  1346. Thompson Creek Number Two Lake (Como area)
  1347. W F Baker Lake (Martin area)
  1348. Arrowhead Lake (De Rossett area)
  1349. Billy Branch Lake (De Rossett area)
  1350. Boiling Pond (Cassville area)
  1351. Buck Creek Lake (De Rossett area)
  1352. Burgess Falls Lake (Burgess Falls area)
  1353. Davis Lake Number Two (De Rossett area)
  1354. Doe Creek Lake (De Rossett area)
  1355. Duck Pond (Cassville area)
  1356. Key Acres Lake (De Rossett area)
  1357. Payne Lake (De Rossett area)
  1358. Spain Lake (De Rossett area)
  1359. Wheats Curve Lake (Sparta area)
  1360. Wonder Lake (De Rossett area)
  1361. Ashbaugh Lake (Nolensville area)
  1362. Clement Lake (Craigfield area)
  1363. Clovercroft Lake (Franklin area)
  1364. Crockett Springs Lake (Franklin area)
  1365. Dyer Lake (Oak Hill area)
  1366. Fernvale Lake (Fairview area)
  1367. Gary Lake (Spring Hill area)
  1368. Gentry Lake (Leipers Fork area)
  1369. Jackson Lake (Franklin area)
  1370. Lake Colonial Estates (Nolensville area)
  1371. Lake Tomlin (College Grove area)
  1372. Lake Weona (Craigfield area)
  1373. Lever Lake (Kingston Springs area)
  1374. McCall Lake (Theta area)
  1375. Nelson Elam Lake (Leipers Fork area)
  1376. Pine Hill Lake (Theta area)
  1377. Poplar Grove Lake (Theta area)
  1378. Robinson Lake (Franklin area)
  1379. Russel White Lake (Spring Hill area)
  1380. Stephens Lake (Fairview area)
  1381. Stone Lakes (Bethesda area)
  1382. Thompson Lake (Bethesda area)
  1383. Todd Lake (Spring Hill area)
  1384. Willow Lake (Nolensville area)
  1385. Ackers Lake (Laguardo area)
  1386. Benjamin Franklin Lake (Martha area)
  1387. Daniels Lake (Martha area)
  1388. Greenbriar Lake (Hunters Point area)
  1389. Hidder Cove Lake (Hermitage area)
  1390. Kirkpatrick Lake (historical) (Laguardo area)
  1391. Prowell Lake (Martha area)
  1392. Putnam Lake (Lebanon area)
  1393. Twin Lakes (Hermitage area)

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