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How Many Houses Are There in The US

The US in 2012, a country of around 313 million people has around 131.8 million houses. Of these, around 112 million houses are occupied year-round, 77 million by owners and 35 million by renters. Half of the houses were built before 1973; 32 million are in central cities and 52 million in suburbs. 76 million are single family and 6 million condominiums. 85% ...

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How Many Lakes Are in Wyoming

There are 67 lakes in Wyoming. List of lakes in Wyoming Barber Lake Crescent Lake Lake Hattie Upper North Crow Reservoir Adelaide Lake Flockhart Reservoir Meadowlark Lake Garner Lake Deep Lake Edwards Lake Sand Lake Alice Lake Alpine Lakes Bomber Lake Boulder Lake Carmody Lake Double Lake Dry Lake Gustave Lake Lake Heebeecheeche Ice Lakes Papoose Lake Ross L ...

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How Many Lakes Are in Wisconsin

There are 82 lakes in Wisconsin. List of lakes in Wisconsin Lake Michigan (extends into Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan) Lake Superior (extends into Michigan, Minnesota, and Ontario) Balsam Lake Bear Lake Brule Lake Castle Rock Lake Clark Lake Clear Lake Columbia Lake, Wisconsin Connors Lake Crystal Lake (home of Crystal Lake Boy Scout Reservation) Devil's L ...

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How Many Lakes Are in Washington

There are 267 lakes in Washington. List of lakes in Washington Honn Lakes Horseshoe Lake Kennedy Lake Morgan Lake Ann Lake Antilon Lake Beehive Reservoir Clara Lake Fish Lake Heather Lake Horse Lake Lake Chelan Mirror Lake Perfection Lake Rose Lake Roses Lake Snow Lakes Steffen Brothers Reservoir Toketie Lake Lake Victoria Lake Angeles Bogachiel Lake Lake Cr ...

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How Many Lakes Are in Virginia

There are 61 lakes in Virginia. List of lakes in Virginia Abel Reservoir Amelia Lake Lake Anna Lake Barcroft Beaver Creek Reservoir Beaverdam Creek Reservoir Beaverdam Swamp Reservoir Briery Creek Lake Buggs Island Lake Burke Lake Burnt Mills Reservoir Lake Chesdin Claytor Lake Lake Conner Diascund Reservoir Lake Drummond Emporia Reservoir Lake Fairfax Fairy ...

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