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How Many Words Are There in The English Language

This is an impossible question to answer! It really depends on what words you want to count. But there are, at the very least, a quarter of a million distinct English words, excluding inflections, and words from technical and regional vocabulary. The unabridged Oxford English Dictionary has about 600,000. The Second Edition of the 20-volume  Oxford English D ...

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How Many Commercial Banks Are There in The US

There are 7240 total banks have in USA. There are 1812 with assets in excess of $300 million. A list of many commercial banks in the United States can be found at the website of the FDIC. According to the FDIC, there were 8,430 FDIC-insured commercial banks in the United States as of August 22, 2008. Every member of the Federal Reserve System is listed here ...

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How Many Mobile Phone Services Are There in The US

There are 110 Mobile Phone Services in the USA. List of  USA Cell Phone Providers 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless Airfire Mobile Alaska Communications Alaska Digitel Alaska Wireless Amerilink Wireless Appalachian Wireless ASTAC Asset/Vada Wireless AT&T Mobility BeyondMobile Blue Wireless Bluegrass Cellular Boost Mobile Broadpoint call4care Cap Rock Cellular ...

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How Many Televisions Per Household in The US

How Many Televisions Per Household in The US? There are 302 million Televisions in 2012 in the USA. The American public continues to purchase television sets for their homes. In the year 1945, there were fewer than 10,000 sets in the country. By 1960, there were 52 million sets in American homes, which is one in almost nine out of ten households. This figure ...

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How Many Justin Bieber Albums Are There

How Many Justin Bieber Albums Are There? There are 6 Justin Bieber album and 8 Justin Bieber single. Justin Bieber Album List My World - 2009 My World 2.0 - 2010 My Worlds Acoustic 2010 Under The Mistletoe - 2011 Never Say Never - The Remixes - 2011 Believe 2012 Justin Bieber Single List One Time - 2009 One Less Lonely Girl - 2009 Baby - 2010 Eenie Meenie - ...

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