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How Many Twitter Users Are There 2012

Disclaimer: Because the company isn’t exactly forthcoming with registration data, calculating Twitter’s userbase is as much guesswork as it is science, so take this analysis with the usual hefty pinch. That as it is, there is some history here, so bear that in mind too. As you may have seen, Facebook has been tipped to reach one billion active users in Augus ...

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How Many Websites Are There in 2012

In the 2012 survey we received responses from 612,843,429 websites. Compared to January, this represents an increase of 30M hostnames or +5.2%. nginx was the only server to experience a non-negligible market share increase this month, gaining 0.27 percentage points. Apache did experience a growth of 19M hostnames, but its market share has remained static, wh ...

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How Many Search Engines Are There

List of Search Engines - Top Search Engines in 2012 There's so many old list of search enginestype pages and blog posts out there with the top something search engines that were popular back in 1995 or 2001. Many of the search engines that were once populare are now either extinct or have become mere echoes of Yahoo, Google or some other search engine with a ...

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