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How Many Michael Jackson Albums Are There

This article contains the albums discography of the American Pop Artist, Michael Jackson. It consists of 10 studio albums and a partial list of live albums, compilations, extended plays, soundtracks and remix albums. It does not include the re-issues, unless they are counted separately from the original albums in the charts. There are peak chart positions of ...

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How Many Lady Gaga Albums Are There

How Many Lady Gaga Albums Are There? There are 6 lady gaga album. Lady Gaga Albums Unreleased 2012 • Alejandro (Remastered Demo Edition) • Blueberry Kisses • Dirty Ice Cream • Fancy Pants • Fashion • Fever • Filthy Pop • Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes • Future Love • Kaboom • No Way • Nothin On But The Radio • Oh Well • Retro Physical (Mastered Version) • Seco ...

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How Many US Soldiers Died in Iraq

As of early 2010, the current war in Iraq has taken the lives of 4,373 U.S. troops, 179 U.K. troops, and 139 troops from other countries, for a total of 4,693. Iraqi police forces working with the Coalition have suffered an estimated 9,000-11,500 casualties as of August 2009. It's estimated about 1,400 contract workers have died up to January 2009, including ...

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How Many Nuclear Power Plants Are in the US

In 2009, the USA generated 3950 billion kWh net of electricity, 45% of it from coal-fired plant, 24% from gas and 7% from hydro. Annual electricity demand is projected to increase to 5,000 billion kWh in 2030, though in the short term it is depressed and is not expected to recover to the 2007 level until about 2015. Annual per capita electricity consumption ...

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How Many US Embassies in the World

There are 272 US embassies in the world. List of US embassies in world: AFRICA Africa Regional Services - Paris Angola: Luanda Benin: Cotonou Botswana: Gaborone Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou Burundi: Bujumbura Cameroon: Yaounde Cape Verde: Praia Chad: Ndjamena Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kinshasa Côte D’Ivoire: Abidjan Republic of Djibouti: Djibouti Equato ...

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