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How Many Calories in a Cup of Black Coffee

One cup of regular black coffee brewed from ground beans holds only 2 calories, and 1 fluid ounce of rich black espresso contains only 1 calorie. Also A 1 mug/270 ml of black coffee contains about 5.4 calorie. One teaspoon of regular instant coffee powder also carries just 2 calories. Brewing coffee from decaffeinated beans reduces the calorie count to zero, but decaffeinated coffee powder doubles the calories found in 1 teaspoon to 4. Sweeteners, flavorings and cream or milk deliver the calories in rich modern coffee drinks, some of which may yield 700 calories per serving.

How Many Calories in a Cup of Black Coffee?
1 cup 2 calories
2 cups 4 calories
4 cups 8 calories
8 cups 16 calories

Type Hot or cold (usually hot)
Country of origin Ethiopia
Introduced Approx. 15th century (beverage)
Colour Dark brown, beige, black, light brown

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