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How Many Protein Shakes a Day

To determine how many protein shakes you need, you should first determine how much protein your body actually can use. You need adequate protein to enhance muscle growth; excess protein is not better. Most exercise scientists agree that one gram of protein per pound of body weight is a very generous protein allowance for athletes building muscle mass. (More ...

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How Many Grams Of Protein in An Egg

Eggs contain about 6 grams of high quality protein, so high that it is used as the standard by which other foods are measured. Eggs are also a rich source of vitamins, including A, E and K and a range of B vitamins such as B12 (energy), riboflavin and folic acid. Eggs also contain all eight essential amino acids needed for optimal muscle recovery and buildin ...

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How Many Grams Of Protein Per Day

Our protein needs depend on our age, size, and activity level. The standard method used by nutritionists to estimate our minimum daily protein requirement is to multiply the body weight in kilograms by .8, or weight in pounds by .37. This is the number of grams of protein that should be the daily minimum. According to this method, a person weighing 150 lbs. ...

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How Many Calories in Chocolate

Calories in chocolates depend on the brand and size of the bar together with the type if it is milk, white or dark. An average chocolate bar will have about 200- 600 calories a bar. Some of the kinds of the common brand of chocolate are; Mars which has 512 calories, Cadbury's Dairy milk chocolate has 525 calories and Nestle Kit Kat has 445 calories. Calories ...

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How Many Calories in a Chocolate Chip Cookie

A chocolate chip cookie made from a recipe typically contains between 100 to 150 calories. That depends completely on their size, and how much butter and chocolate is in them. Especially if you make them yourself, there is no uniform standard. The average palm-sized cookie is 100-150 calories, however there are giant cookies out there with 4-500 calories. Th ...

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