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How Many Smokers in America

How Many Smokers Are There in the USA?

In 2012, an estimated 58.5 million of U.S. adults were current smokers; of these, 41.6 million smoked every day.

In the U.S., an estimated 58.5 million people are smokers. That number breaks down to 31.6 million men and 26.9 million women. Not to sound like the Surgeon General, but from a health standpoint, over 424,000 smoke-related deaths occur each year and over $172 billion healthcare dollars are spent. Looks like the warning labels might be right.

According to the Centers for Disease Control 2012 health statistics:

“21% of adults 18 years of age and over [in America] were current cigarette smokers, 21% were former smokers, and 58% had never smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime.”

“Twenty-three percent of men were current smokers compared with 19% of women. Sixty-three percent of women had never smoked compared with 53% of men.”

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